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Engine Fix UK Ltd 


Engine Replacements in Manchester, the North West and Nationwide

Welcome to the website of Engine Fix UK Ltd, the local, regional and nationwide specialists for engine replacements and engine rebuilds. Based in Manchester and with 20+ years of experience between our trained personnel, we provide services for members of the public and the trade. We supply reconditioned engines and reconditioned gearboxes, and even deliver cost-effective solutions for customers with transmission, DPF and EGR issues.
Our company also excels in reconditioned turbos for those experiencing loss of power, slow but loud acceleration, difficulty in maintaining high speeds and blue/grey smoke emissions.
Engine Fix
 UK Ltd is a friendly, family-run company that places a complete focus on 100% customer satisfaction. Despite our personable approach, everything about our engine replacements and our supporting services reflect the professionalism for which we are so well known. We’re a specialist engineering company, and not a scrap or breakers yard.
As such, we do not sell second-hand engines. Instead, we proudly offer 12-month unlimited and 24-month unlimited mileage warranties on all engine rebuilds completed by our team.
We work on reconditioned engines, reconditioned gearboxes and reconditioned turbos for all manufacturer makes and models including those listed below:

- Aston Martin

- Audi


- Ford

- Hyundai

- Jaguar

- Kia

- Land Rover

- Mazda

- Mercedes-Benz

- Mini

- Porsche

- Renault

- Seat

- Vauxhall

- Volkswagen

We perform engine replacements and engine rebuilds at our own workshop in Manchester.

Finger on the Map

Nationwide Collections

Engine Fix UK Ltd offers full 24/7 coverage across the UK to collect engines from private motorists and the trade. We carry out the entire job from start to finish by either reconditioning the current installation or performing full engine replacements. Our company has a vehicle recovery service available for breakdowns or for transportation.
We return vehicles and engines to our Manchester premises where they undergo a rebuild. All engineers and technicians at our company are NVQ/City & Guilds trained.
Our full service range includes the following:

- Seized Engine Repairs

- Engine Supply Services

- Engine Rebuilds

- Full Kit Packages

- Reconditioned Engines

- Engine Replacements

- Reconditioned Turbos

- Reconditioned Gearboxes

Engine Rebuilds

Engine Belts

Some motorists see rebuilt engines and reconditioned engines as interchangeable terms but this isn’t strictly true. Reconditioned engines undergo stripping and reassembly, usually for cleaning or to have worn parts replaced. Engine rebuilds have to meet strict manufacturing standards for internal combustion engines set by the BSI, most notably BS AU 257:2002.
Under these standards, technicians have to strip engines completely, clean them and inspect for damage before rebuilding with new bearings, gaskets, pistons and rings.

Car Gear Shift

Reconditioned Engines & Gearboxes

Many of our customers, in Manchester or nationwide, mistakenly think that reconditioned engines and reconditioned gearboxes are second-hand products fitted by our company. The use of the term “reconditioned” actually applies to our finished workmanship because it is our own technicians who recondition the original engine or gearbox on a customer vehicle.
First and foremost, Engine Fix
 UK Ltd is a specialist engineering company and, as such, we do not concern ourselves with second-hand engines or gearboxes at all.

Fixing the Car

Engine Replacements

Even the best-designed engine eventually reaches the end of its serviceable life. For some motorists, there seems to be no other option than to scrap the vehicle and to buy a new model. What many of them fail to realise is that engine replacements work out to be extremely cost-effective in comparison to going out and purchasing a car from new.
Engine replacements also provide an option for those who currently own a hard-to-find make or model, or one which they simply can’t bear to part with for personal reasons.

Reconditioned Turbos

Car Mechanic

A faulty or blocked diesel particulate filter (DPF) doesn’t work properly and this stops gasses from passing through the exhaust system. An increase in pressure and temperature affects the turbo in different ways. More often than not, a damaged turbocharger leaks, works inefficiently and carbonises the oil. Eventually, this causes the turbo to fail completely.
Engine Fix
 UK Ltd specialises in reconditioned turbos and also undertakes DPF and EGR repairs for private and trade customers in Manchester and all major UK locations.

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